Black Annealed Wire (tie wire)

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  • FOB Price: USD500-USD700/TON
  • Specification: 0.5mm-0.6mm 1.0mm 1.24mm to 5.6mm
  • Tensile strength: 350mpa-450mpa/mm2
  • Elongation: 15%
  • Feature: Excellent flexibility and softness
  • Packing: 0.2kg 1kg 25kg 50kg to 800kg per coil
  • Material: Low carton steel q195 /SAE1006/1008
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    Black annealed wire

    Black annealed wire  is one of the most popular baling wires in the recycling industry and because it’s easy to use and reduces the burden on the employees. Black annealed wire is very resilient and doesn’t corrode easily, which means it has a better shelf life. You can purchase this wire in bulk and store it in your facility without worry of rust or corrosion.

    Black annealed wire is also more reliable and doesn’t break easily so you won’t have to deal with accidents during the tying process. It is specifically manufactured to endure pressure and bear the environmental conditions, which makes it ideal for the construction, agriculture, and recycling industry.

    The untreated baling wire is exposed to the annealing process where it’s heated and cooled in a specific cycle in order to alter the physical and chemical composition of the metal. The process uses thermodynamics and the metal’s ability to react to heat to get the desired results. Annealing removes some of the hardness present in the metal and makes it much more ductile, which is a useful property in wires.

    Annealed wires are much more flexible and easy to work with, which is why they’re commonly used in the recycling and baling industry ,constructions, The underlying material is always steel and in most cases, the steel is galvanized for added resilience. The process for ferrous materials like steel is different because they react differently to heat.

    While other materials are cooled down instantly by a dip in the water, steel is cooled over time to ensure the material doesn’t crack or become brittle during the process. The gradual cooling allows the metal to settle and retain the ductility and flexibility needed.

    Black annealed wires also have a thin coating of light oil on it to help it pass through the baling machine easily. The oil also protects it from the environment and ensures it doesn’t rust. The wires are simply dipped into special oil until they’re all evenly coated before they’re coiled and packed away. You need to purchase black annealed wires from reliable manufacturers to ensure there’s no fault or weaknesses in them.

                                 WIRE DIAMETER
    GAUGE SWG (mm) BWG (mm) AWG (mm)
    6 4.877 5.16 4.11
    7 4.470 4.57 3.67
    8 4.064 4.19 3.26
    9 3.658 3.76 2.91
    10 3.251 3.40 2.59
    11 2.946 3.05 2.30
    12 2.642 2.77 2.05
    13 2.337 2.41 1.83
    14 2.032 2.11 1.63
    15 1.829 1.83 1.45
    16 1.626 1.65 1.29
    17 1.422 1.47 1.15
    18 1.219 1.24 1.02
    19 1.016 1.07 0.91
    20 0.914 0.89 0.812
    21 0.813 0.81 0.723
    22 0.711 0.71 0.644
    23 0.610 0.64 0.573
    24 0.559 0.56 0.511
    25 0.508 0.51 0.455

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