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Electro galvanized chain link eskrima

Hot dipped galvanized chain link eskrima

PVC pinahiran chain link eskrima

Chain link bakod  ay malawakang ginagamit sa Farm, Hardin, at House Etc;

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Chain Link Fence is also named diamond wire mesh with the diamond opening. It is made with various metal wires weaving by chain link fence machine. Our chain link fence materials are available in stainless steel, galvanized, and PVC coated wire. They are normally used in gardens, sports yard, industrial sites, houses, roads and events for crowd control

Weaving and Features:

uniform opening, flat surface, simple weaving and practical use. Easy and flexible for installation and connecting. Traditional Chain-Link Fencing is the ideal choice for a smart, secure, boundary fences for industry. The chain link fences made of  hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel wires. The most popular is galvanized chain link fence, which has good resistance to water and atmospheric corrosion. However, PVC coated chain link durability is better than galvanized fence.

 Galvanized Chain Link mesh


wire Diameter



40 * 40 mm

1.8-3.0 mm

0.5 - 4.0M

5-25 m

50 * 50 mm

1.8-3.5 mm

0.5 - 4.0M

5-25 m

60 * 60 mm

1.8-4.0 mm

0.5 - 4.0M

5-25 m

80 * 80 mm

2.5-4.0 mm

0.5 - 4.0M

5-25 m

100 * 100 mm

2.5-4.0 mm

0.5 - 4.0M

5-25 m

Chain link fence factory

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