Galfan Drato

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Materialo: Malalta / alta Carton ŝtalo drato
tensor Forto:  450MPA-1340MPA
Grandeco: 0.4mm-5.0mm
Surfaca Traktado: elektra galvanizado kaj varma trempis galvanizado
Zinko Enhavo: Al 5% -10% Zn90% -95%
Plenpleniganta: 25kg 500kg- 1000kg / bobeno plasto ena, Hessian ekster ktp

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Galfan is a carbon steel wire with a heavier coating that is 95% zinc and 5% or 10%aluminum.  The thicker zinc coating makes this wire more corrosion resistant than “Regular Coating” pre-galv wire. The coating is allowed to be much heavier because of the added aluminum in the mixture. The aluminum allows the wire’s ductility to remain high which prevents the coating from cracking off during wire mesh manufacturing.

Specifications of galfan wire:

  • Materialoj:  5% aluminum and 95% zinc coated carbon steel wire or coated iron wire.
  • Wire diameter: 1.24–5.5 mm.
  • tensor forto:  450–1340 MPa.
  • Plenpleniganta:  spool or coil wrapped with moisture-proof paper or plastic film.

Galfan wire features:

  • Very excellent resistance to corrosion, humid environment, abrasion.
  • A kind of galvanization fantastique wire.
  • Superior ductility.
  • Double and good toughness.

Galfan wire applications:

  • Made into gabion baskets, gabion mattress.
  • Be woven or welded into sheets for outdoor fences.
  • Used in chemical equipment, marine shipbuilding industry.
  • Galvanized wire factory

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